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    Direct Response Marketing Solution & Services.
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    supporting over 30 major extensions & modules.
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SKEPSIS Consult is a well established and successful business in the field of Web Development. Our knowledge, abilities and personalized customer support, together with our standing commitment and loyalty helped us achieve the best way to fulfill our clients' necessities and requirements. Our business was founded in 1993 and and now hosts a team of 16 amazing employees. With our main headquarters in Bucharest, capital of Romania, we provide the best outsourcing solutions for our customers around the world.

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"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius

Hiring PHP Programmer

We wouldn't have walked on a such a successful path so far, hadn't it been for these incredible words of encouragement and wisdom. To continue on the same path, we need people who think and feel the same way we do about our jobs. If you consider yourself as passionate and dedicated as we are about programming and web application development, having strong knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax and HTML, then please send in your resumes and we'll follow up!

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Our SKEPSIS Brands

Self improvement has definitely driven us, along with the innate desire to always have a professional solution ready for whoever seeks it. Rather than releasing elaborate statements about our achievements, we allow our brands to speak for themselves and deliver targeted services for a wide palette of business ideas.