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SKEPSIS Consult was created in 1993 and is currently hosting a team of 18 employees. With our main headquarters located in Bucharest, Romania's capital, we provide cost effective and top quality outsourcing solutions for customers around the world. We do our best to exercise gratitude each day because we can offer sustainable jobs for our staff and contributing to our community not only on a social level, but also on an economical one.
As consumers that find themselves in customers' position in many daily situations, we tend to seek the qualities that make a service stand out from the rest and incorporate them in our own business strategies, following the simple concept where we treat others that same way we'd like them to treat us - that is with great consideration towards our requirements, an increased attention to detail and punctual execution.
By bringing over the German mentality, combined with the creativity experienced in Bucharest, one of the most interesting European capitals, we have managed to develop a great environment for our staff to grow (both numerically and intellectually), express their creativity and passion for all things IT. There are many aspects about conducting business that changed so much over the last years, however meeting strict deadlines and creating unique software features require concentration, perseverance and passion - ingredients we never skimp on.

Skepsis Consult Office Skepsis Consult Office Skepsis Consult Office Skepsis Consult Office

Skepsis Consult Office Skepsis Consult Office Skepsis Consult Office

Our company represents a well established business with a proven track record of successful projects; one that created many fond memories for us, was the one solicited by Porsche Business Management Romania (between 2007-2010), where we used our expertise to deliver the most suitable integration for Porsche's dedicated ERP tool, CROSS. Knowing the benefits of working with a stable CMS such as Joomla!, we managed to create and optimize an intuitive reporting platform reporting platform between the Business Management department and Porsche dealers around the country. "The partnership with SKEPSIS Consult for this project is based on the quality of the rendered services but also on proven promptitude and flexibility!" - Florin Hantila, Porsche Business Management Romania.
We have received many kind words of gratitude and encouragement over the years from the people that believe in our work, and nothing would bring us greater pride and joy than to showcase every testimonial, however we abide by the large number of NDAs signed with our major business collaborators, which is why we our clients' feedback and data remain safe and secure.
Adding proficiency in English and German to our support, we always maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level. Our knowledge, abilities and personalized support infrastructure, along with an elevated sense of commitment towards our clients, helped us achieve the best optimal method of necessity fulfillment. We are more than happy to accept your challenges, discuss your most interesting projects and offer you solid guidelines to ensure your success!

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