Loyalty & Membership Solutionsfor an Intensified Customer Relationship.

DEMO Loyalty Card

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Loyalty plans are an approach to marketing, based on strategic management, in which a company focuses on growing and retaining existing customers through incentives. SKEPSIS Consult provides everything you need to get your loyalty program started. Our loyalty solutions offer the necessary expertise to help you plan and execute a comprehensive, card-based loyalty strategy. Loyalty programs, also known as fidelity, reward or club programs, improve customer retention and encourage spending. Customer acquisition is improved by distinguishing you and your services from the competition.

We provide the following Loyalty and Membership Services:

  • WebSite Programming and Management of the Members-Club.
  • Existing and Incoming Data Management, Filtering, Address Check, Plausibility Check, etc.
  • Client-Marketing-Strategy Implementation.
  • Managing Electronic Contacts by Reactivating Clients using Direct Mailing or also pURL techniques and Internet Coupon Distribution.
  • Loading and Managing specific Cardholder Details.
  • Customized Data Selections for Mailings, Printouts, etc.
  • Loyalty Points accumulation and redemption.
  • Automatic Member-Cards Generation as PDF file (ready for printing) and JPG, PNG, etc. including Holders Name, Company Logo, Credit Card Number generating with checksum and Barcode.
  • and many more...

Benefits of Customer Loyalty Solutions:

  • Customer Loyalty Cards boost transaction efficiency and promote increased purchasing.
  • Manage Marketing Data - the system collects and manages valuable marketing data from all visits or loyalty card transactions, including data about customer demographics, purchase frequency, types of purchased products, and geographic area. You can review a customer's accrued, redeemed or deleted points. The system maintains a complete database of all customer rewards and reward suppliers.
  • Custom Reporting regarding individual activities on the club-site or shop-site.
  • With customer loyalty cards you can acknowledge frequent customers and award points according to their spending levels - you can encourage repeated purchases by enabling a point based reward system. You can offer customers discounts and points toward merchandise and in the same time record valuable data about their buying preferences.
  • Multiple reward and incentive options can be linked to the business location, purchase, product and or historical information. These options set the parameters for instant rewards and incentives to customers. Our loyalty systems let you create programs for a more direct and friendlier relationship between you and your customers.
  • With each visit, customers are able to check the balance of their accounts. Once they reach a pre-defined amount of points they can receive a gift or a bonus.
  • SEO Reports regarding referral sites.
  • Conversion Rates for existing Online-Shops.

SKEPSIS Consult has expertise suited to all your loyalty needs. Tell us about your requirements and we can provide you with a customized loyalty solution.

Why Loyalty Programs?

Your best customers are your most valuable asset. After all, they determine your profitability for the most part! However, customer loyalty to a store or brand without any good marketing measurements is becoming less and less of a given these nowadays. Consumers are overwhelmed by the products and services on the market, which are also being presented through an ever increasing number of channels. Not all customers are created equally. Roughly speaking, 80 percent of your revenue is being generated by 20 percent of your customers. A smart company segments clients by value and closely monitors activities to ensure high value customers get their fair share of special offers and promotions.

An overview of Loyalty Programs...

Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behaviour - behaviour which is potentially beneficial to the firm. Generally, in marketing and retailing more specifically, a loyalty card, rewards card, points card, or club card is a plastic or paper card, visually similar to a credit card or debit card, that identifies the cardholder as a member in a loyalty program. Loyalty cards are a system of the loyalty business model. In the United Kingdom it is typically called a loyalty card, in Canada a rewards card or a points card, and in the United States either a discount card, a club card or a rewards card. Cards typically have a barcode or magstripe that can be easily scanned, and some are even chip cards. Small keyring cards are often used for convenience. A retail establishment or a retail group may issue a loyalty card to a consumer who can use it later on as a form of identification when dealing with that retailer. By presenting the card, the purchaser is typically entitled to either a discount on the current purchase or an allotment of points that can be used for future purchases. Hence, the card is the visible means of implementing a type of what economists call a two-part tariff. The card issuer requests or requires customers seeking the issuance of a loyalty card to provide a usually minimal amount of identifying or demographic data, such as name and address. Application forms usually entail agreements by the store concerning customer privacy, typically non-disclosure (by the store) of non-aggregate data about customers. The store - one might expect - uses aggregate data internally (and sometimes externally) as part of its marketing research. Where a customer has provided sufficient identifying information, the loyalty card may also be used to access such information to expedite verification during receipt of cheques or dispensing of medical prescription preparations, or for other membership privileges (e.g., access to a club lounge in airports, using a frequent flyer card).