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Loyalty Solutions

Loyalty & Membership Solutions

...for an Intensified Customer Relationship.

Every customer loves a good incentive, especially when it is tailored according to their unique specifications. Loyalty programs, also known as fidelity, reward or club programs, improve customer retention and encourage calculated spending. This is why we provide the tools to get your loyalty program started:

  • Membership Management
  • Account Administration
  • Community Maintenance
  • Loyalty Points, etc.

PURL Solutions

Personalized URLs

Direct Response Marketing Solution and Services.

Personalized Landing Pages represent popular marketing tools that present leads with an invitation to visit a web page that contains a customized message. The PURL can contain various information, contact details or advertising material designed to increase lead conversions, improve response rates and even deliver detailed reporting on the number of click or impressions per certain timeframe. This is how you can add substantial growth to your online business:

  • Personalized Landing Pages
  • Attract - Interact - React
  • Tracking and Measuring Responses
  • Detailed Reporting, etc.

Joomla Extensions from thePHPfactory

Joomla! Extensions

thePHPFactory is a brand that we have created about 11 years ago to promote cutting edge extensions or modules for building websites that serve a multitude of purposes, from auction and dating platforms to job recruitment boards and classified ads. These ready-made solutions have been developed for the Joomla! CMS following the latest trends in PHP programming and based on our components, we also started to offer customized solutions for small and mid-ranged enterprises, meeting even the most specific requirements. Aside from the high quality and flexibility proven by our products, we are also very proud of the support we are providing.

A complete list of our Joomla! CMS Products, as well as product documentation, forum and ticket system can be found on the official thePHPFactory.com website.