Personalized URLsDirect Response Marketing Solution and Services.


In order to see some pURL features please fill the form below and pURL's will be displayed in form of or as code like Both pURL's will be accessible and by inserting the code in the form below you can also Login as a third method to access the Personalized Landing Page.

Personalized URL's and Landing Pages are powerful marketing opportunities that utilize the following dynamic: leads are presented with an invitation to access a web page containing a customized message. The created Personalized Landing Pages can contain single pieces of data (first and last name, email address, etc.) or more complex and targeted messages with unique graphics, text, and data. The benefits of Personalized URL's include:

  • Improved Response Rates
  • Increased Lead Conversions
  • Multifaceted Variable Information Publishing options providing Relevant Content in response to Preferences
  • Prospect Details immediately routed to Sales and Marketing
  • Robust Contact Response Forms: easily associate fulfillment based on response; customizable questions
  • Multilevel Detailed Reporting (measuring results in real-time): who clicked where; when they clicked the link; where the contact went; complete results reporting.

Generate Perzonalized URL's

The mail list is used to generate Personalized URL's for each individual. Unique passwords are automatically generated for security purposes. The resulting data is ready to go to press with Personalized URL's.

Build VIP Landing Pages

Create VIP Landing Pages that integrate the look-and-feel and the personalized nature of the direct mail piece. Customize each responder's online experience with Data driven variable text, imagery or separate versioned pages. Build responders' profiles by collecting qualifying information and preferences. Create marketing triggers such as automated variable data emails to respondents.


The VIP Landing Pages can be accessed through or in order to assure the privacy of each Landing Page. Instead of appending the given code (here for example: axZ34d2gK) to the URL, the user can also login to access his VIP Landing Page.

Empower Marketing Users with Real-time Results

Real-time Campaign Dashboard created for every campaign with your own branding! Provide Dashboard access to your marketing clients as part of your value-added service. Deliver hot leads using automated distribution via email. Real-time reports on responses, online activity, questionnaire results.

Build a Better Business

Stay ahead of the competition by offering cross-media campaigns now! Ease of use and no capital investment means it's easy to get started. Great marketing results translate in clients remaining loyal. SKEPSIS Consult's services ensure success.

What pURL's Do and How They Work?

Personalized URL technology allows you to automatically generate a unique Web address for every individual in your mail file. Using variable data printing, each personalized URL is then printed on the corresponding piece going out to each recipient. When the recipient types the URL into their Web browser, they're taken to a personalized landing page where they can see their own private "screening" of your offer, product or service.

Why Do They Work So Well?

According to a recent Direct Marketing Association study, more than one out of three direct mail recipients prefers to respond online. And if it involves a personalized Web page, you naturally increase your chances of getting the recipient's attention and response. Personalized URL's also provide invaluable analytics. The technology behind it allows you to generate powerful reports to gain immediate insight into the campaign's effectiveness. You can often track results by individual responder, visitor profile or any other criteria. Inquiries can be routed to the appropriate Sales Representative via a CRM system, email or cell phone. Knowing which recipients have visited their personalized landing pages and who has clicked through can also enable you to better focus your follow-up efforts.