ServicesWhat We Offer

Due to our team's highly extended knowledge in Web Development and Maintenance, we are able to bring to the table a wide range of affordable business solutions. The following list merely showcases some of the solutions where Skepsis Consult has proven experience, however it represents only a few sectors in which we strive and are passionate about.

AI Systems

  • Document Classification, including Object and Image Detection
  • Document Retrieval System
  • Generating Summarization and Tags for Shop Products or Content Articles
  • Define Customer Behaviour Pattern
  • Organizing Data Flow like sorting E-Mails into Categories, etc.


Intranet Solutions

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Data-Mining, etc.


Content Management Systems

One of the main Joomla! CMS Software Developers, with over 30 extensions and plugins developed and maintained for the last 12 years.


PHP Development

Complete PHP customized solutions including MySQL and tailor made adjustments for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, etc.


eCommerce & Social Platforms

Auction Suite, Classified Advertising, Social Targeted Solutions, Payment Gateways, 3rd party Integrations, Ticket Systems, etc.


Data Services

Manual Data Annotation for Machine Learning, Image Tagging for Artificial Intelligence, Data Entry, Collection & Migrations, DB Optimizations & Scripts.


Search & Page Optimization

SEF-URL (Search Engine Friendly URL),
SEO (Search Engine Optimization),
Google PageSpeed Optimizations.
"The world of IT was vastly different back in 1993, when we started our company, than what we see today through our interconnected gadgets. We remember the launch of old Mosaic, the first Web browser and how downloading a compressed text document took ages, as well as using servers that may only connect once a day or less, but somehow we knew that one day we would only be limited by our own imagination in terms of creating code that serves a purpose and works accordingly. Time has passed and although we have witnessed many breakthroughs, ups and downs in the technological evolution, our insight has never been sharper."

Coding Excellency

Our team members never cease to follow the most recent coding standards dictated by the PHP community, therefore our code is always thoroughly tested beforehand. We like to keep up with the latest trends, thus making our products PHP7 compliant as well.

Data Privacy

We abide by the rules and regulations set in place by the European Commission in regards to data security. We treat personal or business data as highly sensitive information and under no circumstances is the information passible for being published, sold, distributed or shared.

Customer Support

We provide direct support for our corporate customers via email or IM clients. For our brand products, we offer online support through a dedicated ticket system and forum. Our response time is fast and comprehensive, because we are constantly connected with our customers.